Biography of Jeffrey A. Cook

Born and reared in Fort Payne, Alabama, Jeff stands 5'9" tall, has brown hair and brown eyes. Jeff has been playing lead guitar and keyboards in bands since the age of thirteen. Securing a broadcast license three days after his fourteenth birthday, Jeff went to work as a disc jockey at a local radio station. The “broadcast bug” got into Jeff’s blood and later resulted in his owning a radio and TV stations. After graduating from high school, Jeff received a degree in electronic technology from Gadsden State Committee College in Gadsden, Alabama and was recently named the outstanding Alumni by the American Association of Community Colleges. In 1985 Jeff along with Albert Lee and Steve Morse were named the top three guitarist by Guitar Player Magazine’s Readers poll.  Jeff plays an electrifying lead guitar, and all of those "hot licks" on the fiddle you hear are Jeff, too. Between the guitar and fiddle you would think Jeff stays pretty busy, well "Mr. Energy" also plays keyboards, bass, banjo, and mandolin.

In his time off the road, Jeff enjoys coming home to Fort Payne, working on electronic projects, bass fishing, camping, watching TV and working in his recording studio, Cook Sound Studio.

One of the life long dreams has come true for Jeff with the construction of Cook Sound Studio. The studio is a way for Jeff to help other musicians share their music with others, just as ALABAMA has had the opportunity to do. In Jeff's words, "This area (DeKalb County) has it's share of talented musicians and now the opportunity is there for each of them to cut demos, records, etc. at an affordable price, plus it's nice to share your dreams with others."

He married former Delta flight attendant, Lisa Williams on June 9, 1995. They live in “The Castle”, a fifteen thousand square foot home, atop Lookout Mountain overlooking Fort Payne. The “Castle” was the very first projects of Jeff’s construction company Bass Builders. They have no children but are quite content with their three Shelty dogs, Barkley, Barney  Binki, which they refer to as “the furry boys”.

One of Jeff s favorite cities is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where they spent seven summers at six months at a time playing their music for varied crowds. His favorite states, outside of Alabama of course, are Florida and parts of California. Jeff has been playing music since "3 days before dirt." Some of his songs have been recorded on the band's albums. 

Jeff's message to the fans is "thank you for all of your support of ALABAMA-- AIN'T WE HAVIN' FUN NOW!"